Sarah Sexton

Client Service Manager

Sarah comes to Perspective Financial Group having served in many roles within the hospitality management industry serving clients including the Indianapolis Colts.  Prior to that she was an assistant in the office of an oral surgeon.  Her experience with managing people, processes, and client outcomes made her a great fit for our Client Service Manager role.  Within this role, she manages client relationships from inception and assists with the many kinds of transactions that might take place within a client account.  She plays a key role in proactively communicating with our clients and ensuring that we stay on top of their needs.  She is a vital part of Perspective Financial Group.

Sarah currently resides in New Castle, IN on the farm her and her husband created named Locust Grove Homestead.   Sarah, her husband, and two daughters (her son lives in Scottsdale, AZ) work with their chickens, cows, ducks, and other farm residents to provide others with meat, eggs, and milk.  Sarah also enjoys cooking and baking and is very involved with their church.    

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